Derek's mentor helped him overcome bullying, anxiousness and being threatened with a knife. ‘He gave me the belief I can achieve anything I want to’ Now Derek is studying at university and helping other young people develop that same self-belief.
National Recognition for XL-Mentoring
Mary was there every week until Beth was ready to talk about self-harm. Now Beth is a youth worker just like Mary.

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XLP is about creating positive futures for young people growing up on deprived inner city estates, struggling daily with issues such as family breakdown, poverty, unemployment and educational failure, and living in areas that experience high levels of anti-social behaviour, criminality and gang activity. Every year XLP helps thousands of them recognise their full potential. We believe positive, consistent relationships can restore a young person’s trust in people, nurture the belief that things can change and encourage them to set positive goals and work hard to achieve them.

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