XL-Mentoring National



“XLM is one of the most effective, transformational tools available to us and I am thrilled to see its growing momentum. XLM equips every single one of us to change...one life at a time.”
- Pete Greig 24-7 Prayer and Alpha International

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What is XL-Mentoring National and how can it help you?

XL-Mentoring National offers a simple, effective training resource for churches, youth workers and leaders to enable them to build lasting, transformative relationships with young people in their schools, communities and families.

The church is uniquely positioned in every community to reach out and make a significant difference in the lives of struggling young people in their area. But often it can be difficult to find the opportunity to form relationships with those who don’t necessarily engage with church.

Who is the course for?

While everyone has the potential to become a mentor, the XL-Mentoring National training course will fully equip you to:

Set up and successfully run your own mentoring project
Train your own local mentors.

In order to do this, this course is design to train you to become an XL-Mentoring Co-ordinator. You will learn how to recruit, train, support and supervise volunteer mentors. Your mentors will then give two hours a week, face to face time to a young person.

The course covers topics like;

  • relationship development,
  • challenges,
  • goal setting,
  • recruiting mentors,
  • building relationships with your local school and
  • Safe-guarding.

While XLM will continue to advise and support you along the way, you retain total ownership of your project including brand, strategy and growth.

ACT NOW: If you’d like to book on a course; enquire about hosting a course in your area or speak to someone to get more information email the XLM National team directly.