XL-R8 Community Buses

“If I didn’t come (to the XLP bus project) I would still be an angry child, probably dealing drugs.”
- Tony, Islington

The XL-R8 Community Bus Project has been at the heart of XLP’s holistic approach to community work in inner city estates for over 10 years, enabling thousands of young people to find a place of support, safety and personal development through a variety of activities.  

Our three specially modified, (and very noticeable!) double decker buses travel, every week, to 23 inner-London estates, targeting areas where there are little or no youth work facilities available. Here, young people find help and advice, a safe place to be and a sympathetic ear, alongside access to computers, games consoles, a music studio, chill out space, and arts and crafts areas. The buses provide accessible drop-in sessions, which include 1-2-1 mentoring, cooking lessons and small group activities.

Each session is staffed by teams of experienced youth workers and volunteers who through the various activities, encourage the young people to develop positive behaviours and life skills, raise their self-confidence, remain in education and set goals and work hard to achieve them.

XLP’s youth workers understand the importance of consistency in the lives of young people and so make long-term investments in their communities, with a strong emphasis on building trusting relationships with young people and families.

Local volunteers work alongside XLP staff helping with sessions.(Find out more about volunteering here).

XLP is extremely grateful for the support of a number of grant-making trusts that currently fund this project, including: The National Lottery Community Fund, MariaMarina Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, Terra Firma, The Story of Christmas and Cushman & Wakefield.

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Summer Camps

Summer camps and excursion trips (e.g. bush craft weekends and mountain treks) – offer young people what is often the only ‘holiday’ they have ever experience. Groups of young people from a variety of backgrounds, who would otherwise never normally socialise together, get to forge new friendships which break down barriers between young people from different areas who would never usually meet due to area rivalry.