11 Apr 2019

The Mayor of London comes to check out our brand new Youth Hub!

Two weeks after we launched the Youth Hub, the Mayor asked to come and visit. Talking about his hour-long visit, Sadiq said: “We've learned the lesson from successful models like XLP. They’ve got some of their youth workers who used to be users of their facilities and that gives confidence to young people because youth workers have street cred and that’s really important. So we are invested in those youth organisations that have credibility in their community.”

It's taken months of hard work to get to this point. But thanks to Frogmore, Wonder Wall and paint-splattered volunteers, we have a stunning space that is going to be a real blessing to the young people of Newham.

It’s the first fixed location XLP has had and provides an incredible opportunity to run arts, dance, fitness, and fencing sessions as well as to raise up young leaders across East London.

Matt House who is leading XLP’s work at the Hub said, “We’ve been working in Newham for about 12 or 13 years but we’ve never really had anywhere like this. We are so excited! We are also partnering with a number of other charities including Nurture Academy and Faith in Schools, Newham to maximise the use and impact of the space.”

We are looking for volunteers to enable us to run as many sessions as possible in the Stratford Youth Hub. Please contact our Volunteering Manager, Naomi, if you are interested in finding out more:

See the new space or watch London Live’s coverage of his visit.