28 Feb 2019

Hannah's Friday

Every Friday I start off my day at 8:30 in a school doing something I thought I'd never have to do again: maths flash cards. Except now when I do them it's fun and even a little bit exciting and that's not only because I'm not a student any more. I work with several groups of students on improving their maths skills by using sets of flash cards that XLP has created. Each student is given a set of flash cards and then timed to see how many they can complete in a minute. The exciting part is watching them improve.

After an hour of that I move on to a different project in the same school. That is mentoring. I meet separately with two students. During my fifty minute session with them we discuss a range of topics from bullying to future life goals. I look forward to catching up with the young people, encouraging them, and even be encouraged myself by their fast formed friendship.

Best for last! My final Friday project is on the bus - the amazing mobile youth centre that was created from a converted double-decker bus. From the outside it looks like Banksy-meets-a-bus. Inside it contains everything that was never supposed to be on a bus: a kitchen, beauty salon, PlayStation, Wii, air hockey, board games and card games. The young people love it! Often I end up playing games such as football and ‘forty forty home’ outside the bus. Each week I look forward to seeing the young people who have come every week and the ones who come for the first time. I look forward to having conversations with the young people because the bus is about more than providing a safe place to have fun. It's also there so the young people find someone they can trust and confide in. Each week I look forward to being that person.

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