28 Feb 2019

Dougie's Monday

Mondays, the most dreaded day of the week. The weekend has gone and a long and gruelling week has just begun. It’s a day I am sure many people want to see zoom past. This was definitely true for me up until I started XLP’s Experience Year. Now Mondays are a great day and one I look forward to every week, why? It probably helps that I don’t have to wake up at an unholy hour but manage to sneak in a lie-in, take one train and come in to a fun and active workspace filled with lovely people who are so passionate about young people and youth work.

My Monday begins with some sort of practical training whether that’s something to do with bus projects or how to plan a mentoring session. This is followed by lunch, which is an opportunity to speak to some people. I don’t see very often and have an hour of conversation with food - always a win!

The afternoon session usually begins with some theological training. We end with a time of worship and reflection, which is a great time to spend with God, or yourself, and just a calming end to a perfect day. Of course, this day is made by the fact I get to see the other students on the Experience Year, who are just amazingly kind people who all get along and have so much in common. The sense of community and family is already well established and I can truly say that I have made some great friends here!

Another great thing about Mondays are the social events that happen once a month, one week included testing our Christmas gingerbread architecture skills!

A day of studying different aspects of youth work, spending time with amazing friends, as well as a plenty of social events, make it one of the best days of the week.

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