28 Feb 2019

Becky's Tuesday

I love Tuesdays. I roll out of bed, check the bus is running on time, and get ready for the day ahead. I get to spend my day from 9.30am till 3.15pm in school. Yes, school!!!  I hated going to school as a teen, so I was a bit apprehensive about going back into one. But surprisingly it is the day of the week I look forward to the most. My day is spent seeing an array of young people from year 7-10 for mentoring as well as running a lunch club.

When applying for the Experience Year, mentoring was the thing I was most looking forward to and it hasn’t been a let-down.  The first time I met my mentees I was extremely nervous with a million thoughts running around my brain. However, spending time with them over the weeks we have got to know each other and it is not nerve-racking to see them.   

Now, I look forward to seeing the young people on a weekly basis and hearing all about how there week has been. Each week I go in with a different topic to discuss and some games. Some mentoring sessions are easier than others. I have had a one where the young person just stared me down the whole time they were there (safe to say it was a tad awkward).  But I have also had amazing sessions in which the young people have just chatted away the whole time about friends, family or what’s really important to them right at that moment whilst I barely said a word. It has been amazing to build relationships with these young people. Each week is different and so is each young person I get the privilege to speak to. This makes no two Tuesdays the same.

The lunch club is designed to be more of a social space for year 7 and 8 to get to know one another. Around 15 young people come along to this each week. To begin with felt quite overwhelming but as I am getting to know these young people and what they want to do it is becoming real fun. A few weeks ago, I split them into groups gave them newspaper and a roll of tape. With the instruction to build the highest tower. There was a lot of heated debate at the end as to who’s tower was the best.

Going back into school has pushed me out of my comfort zone in ways I didn’t expect. Taking on the XLP Experience Year has taught me so much already.

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