Our Approach

From our 18 years of working with young people in inner cities, we believe that the key to bringing about sustainable change is relationship. Relationship can restore a young person’s trust in people, it can nurture the belief that things can change, that an alternative future is possible. And good relationships act as a reference point for determining right from wrong. We have witnessed courageous life decisions made by young people emerging from tragic and hopeless situations because of the help and support provided through a strong and trusted positive relationship.

But relationships take time to build and it can be tough. Young people can change but they don’t always change quickly or easily!

To help us build relationships with young people and their communities, our youth workers live in the communities where we work. This helps us to ‘be a familiar face’ in the local area, but also to be personally acquainted with the issues affecting the young people and their families. 

We work with young people across the range of projects set out in this section. This means that we see them in many different settings and are able to build deeper relationships both with them and with their families.