“XLP’s involvement has had a markedly positive influence on our school and they provide invaluable support and guidance to our young people. They are committed to treating all young people equally and being completely inclusive. Their long term approach is what young people need."
- Teddy Gruber, Asst. Head Teacher, Coinsborough College, Lewisham

Our aim is to help young people who face complex, challenging issues, to address those issues while remaining in school, working hard, gaining qualifications and feeling proud of their achievements.

  • Over *5,000 young people were permanently excluded from school in 2010/2011 in the UK.
  • On top of this *14,000 young people were referred to PRUs and 23,000 were in other forms of alternative education.

XLP Literacy and Numeracy Project (XL-LAN)

XLP is working to create positive futures for children and young people living in our inner city, and to make a serious and sustainable impact upon poverty and educational failure.
In 2016 XLP started the XL-LAN Project, which focuses on children and young people who struggle with poor levels of literacy and numeracy that is a barrier to their success in secondary education. As a result, this leads to frustration and anger which finds an outworking in difficult behaviours and can eventually lead to exclusion from school. Not getting a good education has a devastating effect on a young person and their family.
The main goal of the XL-LAN Project is to see children and young people benefiting from raised levels of literacy and numeracy and avoiding educational failure and its consequences; to achieve “solid” learning that  is persistent and fluent (fluency is about speed and accuracy in knowledge recall).
SAFMEDS - which stands for ‘Say All Fast Minute Everyday Shuffled’, are a set of flashcards used throughout the project to help young people learn key facts. Its effectiveness has been shown by a number of academic studies and a centre of excellence of this work in the UK is at Bangor University.
XLP trains and monitors its staff and volunteers who work with young people in many different schools and communities to deliver SAFMEDS. A full-time experienced practitioner manages the implementation and effectiveness of XL-LAN to embed and develop the project across the charity.
If you would like more information about the project please contact our Project Manager:

XLP's work in schools

For this reason, alongside XL-LAN, we also work with local schools to support and encourage young people to stay in education and we are continually introducing innovative ways to encourage educational success.

Our work with schools is needs led and therefore is different in each school and each area. XLP has worked in over 75 schools and pupil referral units across seven boroughs in inner London, delivering:

  • Assemblies addressing a wide variety of relevant topics
  • Lunch clubs – a safe place to go and talk, have fun and get additional support if needed,
  • 1-2-1 reading and numeracy support,
  • In-class student support
  • Specialist PSHE/RE lessons addressing topics including: Image & Identity; Poverty; Anger Management and Online Safety & Awareness