Our Strategy

Our strategy is to:

  • Help more children and young people by increasing the capacity of, and access to, our services where we are already operating (e.g. we are investing in a third community bus in 2015 to allow us to work in more inner city estate locations);
  • Work more intensively with those children and young people most at risk (e.g. further extending our mentoring services and exploring provision for users of mental health services);
  • Extend the reach of our work to meet needs in other London boroughs where XLP does not work currently.
  • Train others to meet the local needs where they are by sharing learning and experience

In order to achieve these aims we will continue to:

  • Work with children and young people in their schools, in their estates and with their families;
  • Work together in partnership with families, schools, local authorities, the police, community groups and churches;
  •  Resource the work through partnerships with a wide range of funders including charitable foundations, individuals and companies to ensure that we are not overly reliant on any one source of income;
  • Achieve the maximum benefit from the resources given to us; providing the best support and encouragement to as many children and young people as we can, and always looking for ways to further improve.