Corporate Partnership

Partnership is fundamental to the way we work. We believe that the outcomes XLP delivers are likely to be supportive of the social responsibility aims of many businesses.  Based in the heart of the City but with our work firmly rooted in the schools and estates of inner London, XLP aims at “a meeting of worlds”, bringing together the City and the inner city to the advantage of both.

We have developed a number of very successful partnerships with companies, each of which is shaped to get the most out of the relationship. 

From our side we can offer:

  • Fundable projects which make a demonstrable difference to some of the most disadvantaged young people in London. Our systems for measuring the impact of what we do are robust and involve the young people themselves, their families and where possible their schools
  • Excellent ways of engaging your staff teams: whether through our young ambassadors who will be available to meet with staff and talk about their own experiences, through regular high-quality images, videos and written copy for internal communication within your business, or  through targeted volunteering opportunities, and through participating in innovative fund-raising events.
  • Value for money: we run a very lean fundraising and administration team so that you can be sure that any funds you donate are used efficiently and effectively.

There may be many ways in which we could work together, for mutual benefit with your company:

  • Could we run collaborative fund-raising events with charity staff, young people and business staff? In the past staff have run marathons, ski-dived, cycled around Europe and hosted countless sports and arts events, and (most recently) dragon-boat racing.
  • Are their opportunities for work experience or apprenticeships or even employment for young people?
  • Could you provide access to special sporting or arts venues or events as rewards for a young person’s achievements or could you meet with some of XLP’s young people to hear about the issues they face and encourage them by taking their experiences seriously?
  • Could you open doors with some of your customers or suppliers as part of supporting us as your particular charity or would you like to sponsor an event, such as our Arts Showcase Final at the Mermaid Theatre in London?

If you would like to discuss the possibilities further contact: or Tel: 02072566240 / 07860953182