Gap Year: Finance


We have sought to provide as affordable a time with XLP as possible without compromising on the quality of the year. Accomodation in London, food and travel for the ten months, as well as training one day a week are all included, providing what we believe to be fantastic value for money. Each student is required to contribute £3800 to the year, either in a lump sum at the start or a third each term. The money is spent in the following way:

  • Students receive free accomodation in London near their placement church (provided by their placement church).
  • £1,300 is returned to the student to cover food and other expenses (£130 per month).
  • Approximately £700 is returned to the student to cover their travel needs.
  • £1800 covers the cost of the weekly training on theology and youth work, as well as running of the year.
  • On top of this students have the option to go on an overseas mission trip, which requires fundraising.

In addition to providing accommodation the London Placement Churches are asked to donate a minimum of £1200 to XLP towards the placement. Some churches contribute more to increase the students allowance if needed, though this is entirely at their own discretion.

Living Arrangements

Experience students live in the borough they are assigned to, ideally near their placement church. Each church provides accommodation for their student, most often with an individual or a family from the church providing a minimum of bed and breakfast. This has to include the student’s own private bedroom. The advantage of this is that the student is close to the church and plugged into the community they are working with. It is the responsibility of the church to either find free accommodation, or the money to pay for it. 

Meals may be provided by the family, with the student contributing some of their monthly allowance towards food bills. It is left to the discretion of the church and the host family but typically a student does not contribute more then £25 per week of their monthly allowance to the family food budget. If a student would prefer to live independently, and suitable accommodation is available, the student would then pay for and cook their own food.

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