Gap Year: Finance


The cost of the Experience gap year is covered by both the student and their London Placement Church. 

Each student is required to contribute £3800 to the whole year. From this sum, £130 per month will be returned to the student for 10 months as an allowance for food and other items. Another £70 or so per month comes back to the student for travel expenses throughout the year. The remaining £1700 covers the costs of training and running the course. The lump sum can either all be paid at the start of the year, or a third of the amount each term. On top of this students are required to pay towards the mission trip to Ghana. This is currently roughly £900, covering travel costs, visa, vaccinations and food. 

In addition to providing accommodation the Placement Churches are asked to donate a minimum of £100 a month to XLP towards the placement (£1200 for the year). Some churches contribute more to increase the students allowance if needed, though this is entirely at their own discretion.

Living Arrangements

Experience students live in the borough they are assigned to, ideally near their placement church. Each church provides accommodation for their student, most often with an individual or a family from the church providing a minimum of bed and breakfast. This has to include the student’s own private bedroom. The advantage of this is that the student is close to the church and plugged into the community they are working with. It is the responsibility of the church to either find free accommodation, or the money to pay for it. 

Meals may be provided by the family, with the student contributing some of their monthly allowance towards food bills. It is left to the discretion of the church and the host family but typically a student does not contribute more then £25 per week of their monthly allowance to the family food budget. If a student would prefer to live independently, and suitable accommodation is available, the student would then pay for and cook their own food.

Though students are free (within reason) to come and go when they please, common courtesy means there may be a certain time that students are expected home as agreed between the student and those they are living with. The only exception to this would be special cases when the student may be up late for a church or XLP event.

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