27 Nov 2018

Workspace Saharan Trek Raises £10,000

On Saturday 10th November, seven intrepid explorers from Workspace set off to trek through the Tunisian Sahara to raise money for XLP. The route normally takes groups over six days to complete but they ambitiously planned to complete it in four.

The team flew from London to Tunis before taking a seven hour ride through Tunisia and arriving in the desert city of Douz. The next morning, they left their hotel and travelled by 4 by 4 through the desert over sand dunes to the place of the big rock, kitted out with their cheich (desert scarf).

Having been introduced to their camels and having strapped on their sandals, their trek began. Climbing the big rock provided the opportunity for a Lion King moment before they set off across the sea of sand dunes.

That rock became the last notable reference as they entered into the Saharan heat, soft sand and the sheer expanse of never-ending desert. Over the next four days they got to see a lot of each other and share an incredible experience that was mind-blowing, challenging and awe inspiring.

Along the way they met incredible locals whose survival skills were unparalleled. They could bake bread under the sand! Meeting the local Tunisians provided an experience of the simplicity of life in the desert. Camping out under the stars and the milky way, provided a time to laugh, joke and keep one another’s’ spirits up after the hot days of trekking. Being totally separated and switched off from real life was such a special experience and one the group will remember forever.

By the end of the trip, the team had created some incredible memories and raised a whopping £10,000 thanks to the support of their friends, family and colleagues from Workspace.

Climbing the Big Rock

Walking in the Sahara

On the Big Rock


Car Stuck in Sand

Camel at Night